With the current beautiful weather, and the fact that there is not much else to do of course, most of us are spending a lot of time outdoors and in our gardens these days. And if you are due a new arrival soon, you are probably obsessing over finding the perfect name.

Here are some of the best flower and plant names, inspired by your surroundings. Whether you are awaiting a boy or a girl- or a surprise!- there is something here for you!



A beautiful name meaning light purple and the sweet little flowers of the same shade. The lilac flower represents first love, the perfect nod to the first time you meet your little girl


Scandinavian in origin, and we have all seen the bright rainbow coloured flowers that make it extra special during these times. Similar in style to the name Delilah, which is growing in popularity, Dahlia is a fresh take on the sound.


A strong climbing plant with delicate white flowers, this wildflower name has a completely different feel to most. Symbolising strength and resilience, this name is cute on a baby and will grow up with her.


Derived from the crocus plant, Saffron turns everything it touches the colour of sunshine. With a host of nicknames, gentle sibilance and an earthy feel, this name has got it all!


Irish language names are growing in popularity all over the world and this one is particularly pretty. Meaning ‘daisy’ it has a beautiful sound and conjures strong imagery of summer days, childhood daisy chains and fun without being overly cutesy.



A strong name derived from the Ash tree, this has an adventurous feel. An added bonus is it is shared with the main character in the Pokemon series, which your boy is sure to appreciate in a few years time. Also works as a diminutive of Asher or Ashley.


An unusual Irish name meaning ‘heather’. Has a fresh, earthy sound and is the name of a hero in Irish Mythology who was renowned for his handsomeness- can’t go wrong!


This tree has beautiful white flowers and red/orange berries. Its meaning relates to the rust colour of the rowan berries. It is growing in popularity and you can see why!


Meaning ‘flower’ in Italian, this name has a lyrical, continental feel. With multiple nickname options this is sure to suit any baby boy.


Deriving from the Linden tree, this nature name is perfect for your boy whether he is a sapling or fully grown.

Do your little ones have flower names? Or have you any name inspiration for parents to be? Share them here.

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