Handwashing Mindfulness

Give your hands a bath!

In these unprecedented times, looking after your and your family’s mental health is more important than ever. But with the whole family at home all the time, it can be hard to carve out some time for yourself.

Mindfulness is a great way to take stock, focus on the moment and relax and the best thing about it is it can be done in as much- or as little- time you have available.

One thing everyone has been making time for these days is handwashing. This can be a great opportunity for mindfullness throughout the day, and the kids can join in too.

Before you start, take a deep breath in and out and focus on the moment. Try and let go of any stresses and worries you might have as you exhale. Then give your hands a bath! Focus on the sensation of the warm water on your hands and the change in the feeling as you add the soap and lather. For an extra relaxing experience, choose a special soap with a scent you particularly like or that relaxes you. As you rinse off the soap, imagine that your stresses are washing away with the bubbles.

If you are doing this with the kids, pick a favourite song to sing with them as you do it to up the fun factor!

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