5 Unexpected Hospital Bag Heroes

Packing your hospital bag is a milestone event during pregnancy and most mums put a lot of thought into the essentials they include in it. Here are a few small things that might be forgotten but can make a big difference on the day.

Bendy Straw

It won’t take up much of the precious room in your labour bag but when you finally find a comfortable position and don’t want to move for a sip of water you’ll be glad of it! Also handy for after a Cesarean birth so you don’t have to move as much to keep hydrated.

Lip Balm

I was a sceptic too but delivery rooms are hot and gas and air is very drying on your lips so this may be just the ticket for a bit of extra comfort on the big day. Choose a scent or flavour you really like to make it special, I had a watermelon one when my first daughter was born and the scent always reminds me of her.

Water Face Mist

Another one I didn’t think I would need, until I did. Labour is hard work and with the heat of the delivery room a cooling mist can give you a boost to keep going. Also handy after delivery or Cesarean as post natal wards can be really warm, especially in summertime.


If you have long hair particularly, there comes a point where you just want it out of the way. I forgot these the first time around and they were the first things into my next hospital bag!


Most people take pictures on their phones but it’s handy to have even a disposable camera with you in hospital. Phones can run out of charge or may be in use spreading the news or if you deliver in theatre may not be allowed in so a camera can be useful to capture those first moments and days with your new arrival. Don’t forget to ask someone to take a whole family photo if they can, you might not feel like it at the time but it’s nice to have.

What are your hospital bag heroes?

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