There is something amazing about pregnancy- bringing a new life into the world, and a precious new member into your family. Your first pregnancy is a life changing time, every experience is new and exciting. And here you are, you’ve made it through the journey and are thinking about expanding your brood by another two feet!

But the second pregnancy is a completely different beast to the first. Here are a few changes to watch out for as you take the first steps on your exciting new journey.

1. Tiredness

This is the biggest difference between the two really. When I was expecting my first baby and wishing the days away until they arrived, someone advised me to enjoy every minute because you will never be pregnant with a first baby again. I didn’t understand how right they were until I was expecting my second baby and chasing a toddler around the house! With a first pregnancy you have more opportunity to put your feet up and relax with Netflix, especially if you are lucky enough for your baby to wait until a few days after maternity leave to arrive. With the second, those things have to wait until the big sibling goes for a nap.

2. Confidence

Growing and giving birth to your first baby is a complete change in role and lifestyle. You are transformed from daughter to mother almost overnight and it can take time to find your feet in this new role. This time around however, you are already Mum and you have rocked it so far so you will have more confidence in yourself!

3. Patience

With a first baby the pregnancy can seem to go on forever, with nine months- or more!- worth of anticipation building up to meeting your baby, the wait can feel almost impossible. Especially if you happen to go overdue, which is more common in a first pregnancy.

Second time around you are more aware of just how quickly time goes by when they are little, I mean just yesterday they were a tiny baby and now they are going to be a big brother or sister! You know the feeling of months and years passing in the blink of an eye, and you might be a bit more patient and savour the days of growing bumps and little kicks before baby arrives.

4. The Bump!

Because your body has been through pregnancy before, you might show a good bit earlier than last time. Which can be a surprise after probably spending a lot of your first pregnancy on ‘Bump Watch’ waiting for it to pop. But anything that gets you into maternity jeans quicker is a good thing in my book!

5. The Cuteness

Bringing a sibling into your family is so special because it creates a brand new relationship for your older child, and when you see your children playing together, or hugging, or looking out for each other, or looking up to each other, it really melts your heart. In pregnancy it is no different. The first time your older child feels her brother or sister kicking when she sings to your bump, or the first crayon drawing she brings you which has the whole family, including the baby on the way is such a touching and special experience, that really brings home just how special the second pregnancy is.

What was different for you second time around? Share it with us below.

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