2020 has been a weird year, and unfortunately that extends to Halloween too. With the Level 3 restrictions and a ban on trick or treating, October 31st will look quite different this year than what we are all used to. But after all the little ones -and not so little ones!- have been through this year they deserve to enjoy themselves during the Halloween season. Here are a few ideas to make Halloween as special and spooky as ever, 2020 style!

Dress Up!

Let’s face it- dressing up is what everyone looks forward to the most about Halloween. This year you can wear your spooky costumes all day while having fun at home. It will get the whole family into the Halloween spirit and make the day feel special. For added fun, try making the costumes yourself, they don’t need to be too tricky, black leggings and top paired with a headband with two felt triangles glued on and whiskers drawn on with an eyebrow pencil makes a pretty convincing cat. Use your imagination- the sky’s the limit! Don’t forget your own costume- the kids will love if you join in and you can get a cute spooky themed family photo out of it too.

Go For A Spooky Walk

You’ve got costumes, you’ve got treat buckets, you’ve got excited kids, but you can’t go trick or treating.. Or can you? Maybe not in the traditional sense but there are ways to keep the spirit of trick or treating without actually going door to door. Try taking your little ones on a walk around your local area and look at all the decorations out in your area. Bring your own treats with you, and whenever your little ones spot a carved pumpkin or a skeleton- put a treat in their buckets yourself so when they get home they still have a haul to enjoy.

Carve A Pumpkin

Wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkins and your kids will love carving them with you. Try out different expressions, characters or even a diorama if you are feeling adventurous! If your children are too young to carve their pumpkins, they can join in using paint or glitter to decorate them. When you’re finished put them in a prominent place like your window so anyone on a spooky walk can spot them!

Have A Family Halloween Party

Halloween parties are still fun even if you don’t invite any extra guests. In the weeks before the big day, craft some Halloween decorations with your little ones and decorate your house spooky style. On Halloween itself have a themed lunch or dinner- you could roast some of the flesh scooped out of your pumpkin and blend into soup and serve with a milky spiderweb on top to get everyone in the Halloween mood. Then wait for night to fall, get into costume and tell spooky stories with a torch under your chin, or play traditional games like bobbing for apples. You could make a pumpkin or ghost shaped pinata out of cardboard and papier mache and burst that open at the end of the party to give your little ones something to fill their treat buckets with!

Make Some Memories

After all your effort to make this Halloween special for your family, be sure to take some photos and make some crafts to look back on when they are older. While you are all dressed up together, set up a nice backdrop with some of your decorations and take a nice family photo. If your Halloween baby is still a bump you could use non toxic face paints to paint it into a pumpkin for the picture. When your children are getting messy crafting decorations, take the opportunity to take some nice foot or hand prints in a seasonal colour, like black, orange, purple or green and put them in a frame. You could do the photos and prints every year at Halloween and you will have a lovely collection of decorations featuring your beautiful family as they grow. Don’t forget to come out from behind the camera and get at least one picture of yourself, even if it is a selfie, the kids will love seeing you having fun with them.

What plans have you to make Halloween 2020 special?

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