The build up to Halloween is a wonderful time for a birthday- cool, crisp mornings, autumn leaves, shorter days leading to long, cosy evenings, pumpkins, toasted marshmallows and sparklers. If you are expecting to welcome a new little one this Halloween season you might be looking for names that are magical, mysterious and even a little bit spooky! Here are a few of the best to add to your list.



This classic name has a lovely vampiresque feel, while also bringing to mind Harry Potter’s arch nemesis.


Jack O Lantern, Jack Skellington, this timeless name is a perfect for those who want a nod to the season without being too unusual.


With its vintage, gothic vibe and links to Victor Frankenstein and Corpse Bride, your little Victor will be the hit of Halloween.


This one speaks for itself!


Meaning peaceful, you can’t hear this name without thinking of witches and black cats. Traditionally a boy’s name, I think it has good unisex potential.



With its vowel heavy, boho vibe this gorgeous name is perfect for your halloween baby.


The Roman Goddess of magic and Professor McGonagall herself, with this beautiful name your little witch would be in great company.


Love it for boys and girls, Jinx is another word for spell which makes it perfect for any Halloween witch or wizard!


This name originates from the Norse God Odin’s daughter, who is Goddess of Death. The name is fresh, pretty sounding and not too popular.


A magical name for a Halloween baby- just be careful she doesn’t turn into a teenage witch!

What is your Halloween baby called?

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