Did you wish upon a star for your new arrival? Or does your baby like to move a lot at night? Whatever the reason, looking to the stars for baby name inspiration is an inspired thought! Here are a few celestial name ideas that you will love to the moon and back..!



Originating in Greek myth, as well as being one of the most identifiable constellations, this beautiful and rare name is a must for any astronomy fans! It can be a mouthful, but there are so many gorgeous nicknames to use if you need to shorten it. Also if you are a Serendipity fan, this name has to be the one for you.


One of the most well known celestial bodies is Halley’s comet. Perfect for a mischievous, fiery new arrival. A fresh take on the popular sounds of Hayley, this one can be used for boys and girls which is right on the current trend of unisex names.


Of Roman origin, this pretty name means ‘moon’, and like the moon itself, it is beautiful and bright. This name has gained in popularity in recent years and you can see why it has become quite the modern classic.


Meaning ‘star’ this celestial name is synonymous with the night sky. Stella keeps the softness of popular, vowel heavy names such as Ella, while still being underused.


This beautiful, rare French name means ‘sun’. Perfect for boys and girls alike!



The Roman god of war, as well as neighbour to our planet Earth, this short, sweet name really packs a punch.


This beautiful, exotic name means ‘universe’. Also there is the wonderful Cosima for girls. Love, love love!!!


Regulus is one of the Leo constellation stars. Meaning ‘prince’, this name is perfect for your little one.


This unique, unisex name means ‘of the sun’, making it perfect for your little ray of sunshine.


Your baby may be small, but he takes up a lot of room in your heart! There is no more fitting name then than that of the largest planet in the solar system.

Have you a favourite space themed baby name? Share it in the comments!

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