Nine months watching your partner’s bump grow and suddenly someone hands you the tiny person who has already become your whole world. But you can’t be certain you have fully immersed yourself into fatherhood until you have achieved the following milestones.

  • Clothes: You channel your inner style guru into your child who is decked out in the latest trends while you are winning if you arrive at work with only one sweet potato stain on your jacket!
  • Parties: Ever the party animal, if anyone needs a good deal on a bouncy castle you can put them in touch with your guy.
  • Breastfeeding: When you realise one of the mums at your child’s party is breastfeeding her child, without missing a beat you offer her a cushion and a glass of water
  • Presents: Your all occasions wish list now comprises of socks of any description, handmade cards, and a lie in. And more socks!
  • Music: All your favourite songs are mistakenly played on The Vault for some reason
  • Solidarity: When one of your dad friends tells you about the time his son squashed a half eaten rusk into the disc slot of his DVD player, instead of being speechless with horror you just tell him how you you fished it out with a pipe cleaner when the same happened to you
  • Keeping Fit: When you’ve given up on using dumbbells, why would you need them when your baby is the perfect weight?
  • Cuteness: When just the sight of your little one with their arms out to hug you can bring you to the brink of happy tears in seconds.

And when you know all this and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy Father’s Day! What do you love about being a dad?

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