Choosing a name for your new arrival can seem like an impossible task. But if you are an animal lover, the perfect moniker could be closer than you think! Here are a few ideas inspired by the animal kingdom- just right for your little cub, chick or kid!



This beautiful name means bear cub, making it the perfect combination of strong and sweet!


A classic for a reason, this traditional Irish name means baby deer which means it is -almost!- as cute as your little boy. Using it for a girl would be a break from tradition, but I think it would work!


Traditionally a diminutive of Raymond, this ocean inspired version is a fresh take on a classic. A bonus- can be used for boys and girls!


This songbird name has a sweet, natural feel but is still quite rare, which is perfect if you love the nature name trend but want something more unique. It also has a literary feel with its To Kill A Mockingbird connection and has the option to shorten to Finn in the future. A great all rounder!


This exotic, French derived name means wolf counsel. Vowel heavy so it is right on trend without being over popular, this name has got it all.



This name is as cute as its meaning- a baby llama or alpaca. It also is a homophone for Croía, a name derived from the Irish word for heart, perfect for the baby girl who has stolen yours!


Effortlessly cool, this French moniker means dolphin and is sweet enough for a baby while also sophisticated enough to grow with her into adulthood.


Kitty had been popular over a hundred years ago and with the current trend for vintage baby names, this name is back where it belongs- right on trend! Incredibly versatile, it can be used as a nickname for Katherine or even Kate, or shortened to Kit for a unisex take. This classic name has lots to give and would be just purrfect for your little girl.


If you love Aria but are looking for something more unique, Ari is a fresh, unisex alternative. Meaning lion, what better namesake is there for your strong prince or princess?


This soft Spanish name means dove and embodies tranquillity. Gentle and sweet, but also strong and memorable, this one has no downsides!

Did you choose an animal name for your baby, or do you have one yourself? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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